A Republican lawsuit over drive-through voting in Houston could invalidate more than 120,000 votes.

A highly respected poll of Iowa finds a surge of Trump support.

This Election Week, Revisit the Constitution, Then Soothe Your Stressed Mind


Quotation of the Day: Tracing Now All but Impossible as Outbreaks Tear Through U.S.

Corrections: Nov. 1, 2020

Wisconsin: The state’s older voters wield power, and many are choosing Biden.

Don’t Give In to ‘Election Stress Disorder’

Sean Connery: From Tentative Secret Agent to Suave Bond

Tap LinkedIn for Career Opportunities

Trump gets his best poll of the cycle. Here’s how to put it in perspective.

Listen to the Globe

Learn the Etiquette of Virtual Weddings

Got Worries? Make Newspaper Dolls to Catch Them

Kids’ Graphic Novels That Turn the Superhero Genre on Its Head

Texas: All of a sudden, a two-party election in the Lone Star State.

‘They’re coming after our state,’ McSally warns Arizona Republicans.

The Battlegrounds Within Battlegrounds

Celebrities lend Biden a hand in turning out the vote in Philadelphia.

Stanford Study Seeks to Quantify Infections Stemming From Trump Rallies

Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, facing opponents from both parties, embraces Trumpism.

Police in North Carolina use a chemical spray to disperse a get-out-the-vote rally.

George Shultz Speaks Out for Renewing U.S. Leadership Overseas

Fights in Front of Fans Test Boxing’s Business in the Pandemic Era

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No Corrections: Oct. 31, 2020

Quotation of the Day: In Florida’s Republican Heartland, Some Retirees Shift to Vote for Biden

With early voting underway in Florida, Democrats worry about Black and Latino turnout.

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After Trump accuses doctors of profiteering, medical professionals push back.

Terrapin Topper

The puzzle isn’t complete. Pennsylvania is the last piece for Biden.

What Keeps Facebook’s Election Security Chief Up at Night?

Do Dunkin’ and Arby’s Go Together? Private Equity Group Bets $11 Billion They Do

How to Take On the Tech Barons

A judge orders the Postal Service to take ‘extraordinary measures’ to deliver ballots on time in 22 districts.

N.E.H. Funds Restoration of Statues Toppled During Protests

Trump, in Minnesota, lashes out at Democrats for limiting crowd sizes.

Nursing Homes, Racked by the Virus, Face a New Crisis: Isolation

Voters suing Minnesota over a mask mandate are asking the Supreme Court to intervene.

Time Running Short, Trump and Biden Return to Northern Battlegrounds

Woman Who Mailed Threat to Susan Collins Gets 30 Months in Prison

¿Quién ganará Florida, Biden o Trump? Esto dicen las encuestas

Political Satire Isn’t Dead. It’s Been Turned Into Horror Stories.

Glimmers of Hope for a Winter With Tropical Travel

Midnight Virus Update

Your Friday Briefing

Quotation of the Day: Tech Start-Ups Are Divided on Politics

Corrections: Oct. 30, 2020