Red Horse Beer offers new entertainment hub featuring the brand’s irreverent personality endeared by fans

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) – Well-loved beer brand Red Horse Beer gives its loyal followers an exciting platform that exudes the astig, daring, bold, and fearless persona of the country’s number one extra strong beer. 

Red Horse Beer’s Lakas Tama Channel on YouTube is the newest entertainment hub that promotes the brand’s unique image and caters to fans who adore rock icons and influencers.  

Frequent YouTube users can notice Lakas Tama Channel’s short ads inviting the audience to subscribe to Red Horse Beer’s latest offering for fans. Renowned Filipino rock bands Slapshock, Wilabaliw, and Greyhoundz star in attention-grabbing videos that give a sneak peek on the eccentric yet fearless content of the channel. 

Currently, two programs are already running in the channel that promises to live up with the astig branding of Red Horse Beer and invites new fans in appreciating the content endorsed by the beer brand. 

Famous vlogger CongTV and Slapshock lead vocalist Jamir Garcia teamed up for RH Pa-Troll, a newscast-like online show that tackles different humorous themes in the popular culture. From the trending videos and memes up to the viral good deeds done by normal citizens, CongTV and Garcia will provide that feel good content to lighten up your mood without missing the astig vibe promoted by Red Horse Beer. 

Also now up in the Lakas Tama online video hub is Gaano Kalakas Ang Tama Mo, helmed by famous YouTube trio Tukomi Brothers who are known for doing pranks that went viral in social media. Oliver, Lester, and Hiroshi continue their funny ways in this show by doing funny challenges that will surely catch the attention of video content subscribers who simply want to laugh. 

Fans will have something to look forward as Red Horse Beer plans to release more engaging content in the Lakas Tama YouTube channel. The upcoming shows range from different topics that most of the beer’s fans follow like rock music, fliptop, food, humor/comedy, gaming, and sports. 

So, be sure to expand that lakas tama vibe on you by subscribing to Red Horse Beer’s Lakas Tama YouTube channel.  

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