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Good morning everyone. Everyday Swami Ramdev tells you how yoga can boost your immunity and keep yourself away from diseases like COVID-19, Asthama, Backache, Migrain, diabetes, hyperthyroidism among others. Doing yogasanas, pranayam helps your body relax and boosts your immunity. 

However, in the time of coronavirus, it is also important to take care of your phone’s health. Mobile phones are the most used thing these days and are not washable (often). You keep your phone at several places and then also hold it close to your ear and head. It is important to keep your phone free of germs and dust. Especially in summers, your mobile phone also catches sweat easily. By not cleaning it, you make yourself prone to lot of fungal diseases as well. Some research has also said that your phone is often more dirtier than your toilet seat. 

How to clean your phone and make it germ-free: 

Before you start, ensure your smartphone is switched off and no earphones or charging cable is connected to your device. Also, remove the cover/case on your smartphone.

Now, take a lint-free, soft cloth to clear your device. Using the one you use to clean your spectacles is a good option. This microfibre cloth will ensure scratches don’t take residence on your smartphone.

You can choose from two options; you can either use warm and soapy water or screen cleaner solution. As for water-resistant smartphones (iPhone 11 series, Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Google Pixels, and many more), they can be submerged in water or put under a running tap depending upon the resistance level they come with. (Please do not wash your phone if it is not water-resistant/proof.) Use a slightly wet cloth and rub it thoroughly. 

You can use isopropyl alcohol but it has to be diluted with water to avoid its harsh effects on the phone screen. 

All you have to do it, take the solution, dip the microfibre cloth and make sure you damp it (remove the excess solution). Wipe the smartphone with the damp cloth and then with a dry one.

For small corners of your smartphone such as the earpiece, speaker grills, and various ports on your phone, you can either use a Q-tip or toothpick to swab the areas. 

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