Vernon man is bringing interactive entertainment to your home – Vernon News

Live entertainment at home

The man who brought you the Vernon Comicon and Okanagan’s Got Talent, wants to help keep you entertained from the comfort of your own home.

Peter Kaz worked in the entertainment industry for years and he knows how hard the COVID-19 shutdown has hit entertainers of all talents.

“Every entertainer that I knew just stopped dead in their tracks, they couldn’t perform anymore,” said Kaz, who came up with the idea of interactive virtual performances between the entertainer and the home audience.

Many of the entertainers have been working on new routines specifically for virtual performances.

“It’s very interactive. They have been perfecting their online game. They not only perform for you through the screen but they also get you to interact with them, so there will be some preplanned instructions on what to have ready before we come online,” said Kaz.

The entertainers are also available to do performances in front of live audiences, with social-distancing mandates in place of course.

Kaz said entertainers include juggling-magician act, stand up comics, DJs, a game show and even super heroes that interact with children.

More information on Virtual Funhouse Entertainment can be found on their Facebook page.

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