Huawei P40 lite provides endless entertainment with better battery capacity, optimised gaming

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As lockdown boredom gets the better of us, we use our smartphones now more than ever to not only keep in contact with loved ones but also to keep ourselves entertained.

Huawei recently launched its P40 lite smartphone, giving fierce competition to other popular smartphones on the market.

The importance of a top market chipset

If you ask someone ‘What is one of the most important things about a phone?’, you would probably get ‘Good camera’ and ‘storage’ as answers.

Those are correct but it’s worth remembering that a phone’s chipset is one of the most crucial parts of a phone. 

The HUAWEI P40a lite is powered by Kirin 810, a top of the market 7nm chipset. 

Compared with 8nm chips, Kirin 810 offers 20% lower power consumption, delivering excellent performance and power efficiency. 

With its HUAWEI’s Da Vinci NPU architecture, it further improve its AI performance for AI image processing. In terms of algorithms, Kirin 810 provides 100% better ISP processing than the previous generation. 

No battery, no life

As we all know, battery capacity and charging efficiency has become an important indicator of a good smartphone – especially when boredom strikes and we have nothing to do. And boy, does that boredom hit hard.

Quarantine means spending more time on the phone, whether it’s for streaming, playing games or even video calls.

This phone can be used for a whole day with one single charge thanks to its large 4200mAh battery and 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge.

Many smartphones in the market provides 20W fast charging and take about 80 minutes to get a full charge. Those 80 minutes can take a long time, especially if you are in a rush. 

However, with 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge support, it can be charged to 70% in only 30 minutes. 

Let’s talk CPU and GPU
Its CPU consists of two big cores (customized based on Cortex-A76) and six small cores (customized based on Cortex-A55) and outperforms Snapdragon 730. 

The HUAWEI P40 lite uses a new AI scheduling technology to deeply optimise and allocate CPU resource for various apps. In layman’s terms, this drastically helps to achieve lower power consumption, among other things.

In terms of GPU, Kirin 810 is integrated with a Mali G52 customised GPU, which has strong computing capability and is excellent at processing graphic details. 

Due to optimisation technologies, GPU overload is avoided as well as helping data transfer between CPU and GPU speed up tremendously. 

This brings us to the gaming…

Get your game on 

The gaming industry has experienced a massive boom due to lockdown. Esports has taken over and mobile games has also seen a surge in popularity. And you know what they say… If you can’t beat them, join them!

Good news for gamers: The chip supports Kirin Gaming+. With the system-level AI scheduling, GPU driver upgrade, GPU loading optimisation and HD game effect enhancement, HUAWEI P40 lite promises to deliver a fantastic gaming experience to users. 

Unlike most phones on the market, the AI scheduling technology can learn the changes of frame rate, fluidity and touch screen input in real time. 

The HD game effect enhancement can improve image quality, clarity and image contrast to bring a truly immersive game experience.  

HUAWEI P40 lite can run HD games at high framerates smoothly. To date, the latest GPU Turbo supports mainstream mobile games including Arena of Valor, PUBG, etc. 

Gamers will be pleased to know their gaming will be completely uninterrupted, thank to the in-game chat box.

To do this, activate the setting menu by swiping down from the left top of the game interface with one finger. 

There are other useful settings and features such as Do Not Disturb, screenshot, screen recording, chat box and acceleration. 

Users have the option to choose to add a WeChat or WhatsApp chat box into the game interface and adjust its size and position flexibly. 

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