‘Dismantle the whole thing’ [Video]

Gabrielle Union discussed her recent discrimination complaint against NBC and head Paul Telegdy on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Tuesday. Union was a judge America’s Got Talent, where she claims she was the victim of discrimination and racism. Union believes the issue is not unique to AGT or NBC, in fact she thinks it is a systemic problem in the entertainment industry as a whole.

 “We have been so committed as an industry — I mean, and every industry is facing the same thing– with going along to get along, trying to figure out how you work around the bad apples as opposed to addressing and making those bad apples accountable and their being real consequences,” said Union.

Union believes that the industry needs to be more diverse from top to bottom. She admits that it may not be possible to achieve significant results without significant change. 

“You have to dismantle the whole thing,” said Union. “You can’t put a Band-Aid on a gunshot.”

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